Winter Tennis Clubs and Classes

In the following below has been used an article from “Families West London” magazine/Jan-Feb 2018/

With the nights closing in and the temperature dropping,the idea of sending your child on to the tennis court is not attractive one.But tennis after school clubs offer children great developmental benefits including:

IMPROVED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE – Research has found that children from disadvantaged background who participate in after-school clubs get better results at age 11 than their peers.

ENHANCED SOCIALISATION SKILLS – Making friends with children from outside their school allows children to broaden their social experience, whilst extra-curricular activities at school give children the chance to enjoy a different type of social experience with their school friends and other children in their class.

BETTER HEALTH AND FITNESS – According to the National Association of Sport and Physical Education children aged 5-12 should exercise for at least 60 minutes of each day, and the figure shouldn’t be ignored just because it is cold outside.

STRESS RELIEF – Exercise helps to relieve stress built up by homework,exams and peer pressures.